Water Gardens By Design ... Ruth Davis (owner) - Family Time Spent Well..Relaxing Soothing Sounds Of A Wonderful Water Garden..The tranquility you experience of running water and colorful fish. You have to see it to believe it!.

Pond Kits 

Complete Pond Kits with Waterfalls include

11x11 Standard Kit 

11x11 Professional Energy Saving Kit(includes bigger waterfall, bigger energy saving pump) 

11x16 Professional Energy Saving Kit 

16x21 Professional Energy Saving Kit  

* Other sizes and grades available.  

Water Lilies and many other pond plants.

Pond Equipment & Supplies:  
Pumps, waterfalls, UV systems, replacement UV bulbs, chemicals, fish food, pond liner, aerators, lights, fish treatments, tubing, pond treatments, fountains, heaters, rock and all kinds of other pond and water garden supplies.

Very large collection of Garden Statuary and Fountains.

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