Water Gardens By Design ... Ruth Davis (owner) - Family Time Spent Well..Relaxing Soothing Sounds Of A Wonderful Water Garden..The tranquility you experience of running water and colorful fish. You have to see it to believe it!.

Pondside Ornaments
(Pond Spitters)

 Pond spitters are outdoor safe, sun, and weather resistant. Pond spitters supply important aeration which enhances fish and plant life. These playful ornaments are an additional delight to water gardening.

Spitting Frog $64.00 (2250)
Playful Frogs $74.00 (2028)

Buford the Frog $38.00 (4485)

Small Curling Carp $52.00 (7576)

Seal $154.00 (9521)

Handstand Frog $52.00 (9695)Sitting Frog $46.00 (9690)

Elephant Fountain Animal $76.00 (34-0025)

Koi Fountain Animal $34.00 (34-9518)

Duck Spitter Kit $73.00Crane Spitter Kit $79.99

Frog Spitter Kit $85.00

Brass Carp  -Black-  $69.99

Brass Turtle -Green-  $49.99
In regards to placing order we ask that you use the "Contact Us" page of the website. We please ask that you include the item number when placing your inquiry/order. We are a work in progress, we appreciate your patience with us. 
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